Secure EV Charging

We're raising security standards in the EV Charging industry, from driver information to our corporate operations. Keeping data private is key.

Security is priority Number One across our Platform.


is our currency

EVPassport is constantly monitored by third-party provider, Vanta. Ensuring consistent compliance to undergo SOC 2 and CCPA certification is critical to enabling trust for EV charging infrastructure.


All payment data is security stored off EVPassport servers and live with our payment processor Stripe. No payment data touches our servers.


Each physical EV charger is connected via secure web sockets, and our backend tools live on-premise, utilize a VPN, and behind Single-Sign-On authentication.

365 External

We work with Vanta to monitor our infrastructure, company and network, for continued compliance. All data is security stored by their SOC 2 certified platform.

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