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Our chargers receive Over-the-Air updates so they are always running the latest and greatest software.


Integrate Parking and Charging into one driver experience so your customers don't have to juggle multiple apps.

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Generate revenue and project future profit from Day One, with our expert revenue calculations.

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No apps or accounts required for drivers. Allow your customers to easily drive up and pay.

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Introducing RoomPay

Allow your customers to bill their EV charging sessions directly to their room bill.

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Your Charger

What differentiates EVPassport chargers from the competition is this experience is all about you, not us.

Driver Experience

Award-winning out of the box driver experience that instantly pops ups.

Property QR Codes

Check the availability of every EV charger from a single QR code in the room.

Apple Pay and Google Pay

54% of EVPassport users prefer to use a mobile wallet. In fact, we require $0 pre-authorization hold too!


Customers can see your EVPassport chargers directly in the worlds most popular search engines. Learn more.

Optimized for your Infrastructure

Place more chargers using your existing power infrastructure, saving thousands on installation.

Demand Response

All Clouds are OpenADR Alliance certified for direct demand response with major electricity providers.

Dynamic Load Balancing

Install more EV chargers with lower power requirements, utilizing machine learning based balancing.

Alert Drivers

Automatically alert drivers as to the status of their EV charging session and any overstay information.

Push Notifications

Drivers receive native push notifications on iOS and Android devices, mobile app optional.

Gather Guest Feedback

Customer satisfaction is priority number one for you and your EV charging infrastructure is no different!


The easiest to digest dashboard in the industry.

Energy Analysis
Charger Status
Session Data
Reporting and ESG
Asset Management
API Access
Access Control

Focus on Security

Our internal security and EV charging Clouds undergo 24/7/365 monitoring by a third-party.

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EVPassport maintains and audits our uptime.

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Integrate with your
Hotel pos and pms

Plethora of Integrations Out of the Box

The journey for EV chargers at hotels start before the guest even arrives and continues until they checkout.

AWS Hosted


SOC 2 and CCPA



Powered payments


Charger <> Backend

OpenADR Certified

Demand Response

60 second

Reliability Heartbeat

in evpassport
we trust

OCPP 1.6

Compliant SaaS and EVSE

ML Load Balancing



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