EV Charging Simplified

Current or aspiring EV drivers shouldn’t have to navigate a maze of memberships, accounts, cards, and faulty experiences just to access, and pay for charging. With EV Passport by Recharge, EV drivers can find and charge at thousands of different DC fast chargers in the United States.

world class

Features that put the driver first

Multiple Networks

No more navigating a maze of memberships, accounts, cards, and faulty experiences.

$39/mONTH Unlimited power

Charge your heart out without worrying about per kW or per minute pricing.

"Minutes to charge"

No mathematics degree required, instead see how much time is needed to charge upfront.

Based on real-time vehicle data!

real-time availability

One experience to see availability, no more toggling between multiple apps.

Feature coming in Late 2020

detailed location info

Validated information by experts, not random notes.

100% Carbon Free / offset

Adventure shouldn’t pollute the earth and we are committed to a clean future.

Putting users first

Thoughtless experience

Today, each charging network requires customers to download and sign up for a different mobile app. Charging rates vary depending on network and geography. Some networks even require pre-loading money or paying an additional membership fee. We wanted to change all that. Putting the driver experience first—the EV Passport by Recharge app enables any electric vehicle to discover and charge at any charging station—no matter the brand. All for one monthly fee.

adventure awaits

Take the road less traveled

Down with charging anxiety! EV Passport makes charging more predictable, so that you don’t have to be. We see it as our duty to unleash electric adventures, all throughout our lives, each day. Surprise pickup the homie that’s always a little out your way. Because, why not? Go electric to your kids weekend soccer tournament a few hours from home, without batting an eye. Instead of heading back after work, drive to the beach, ANY BEACH, take in the sunset and do the dip-toes-in-ocean thing.

coverage like you have never seen

nationwide network

we welcome

Frequently asked

Is this for iphone and android?

We are launching the iPhone application first, which will be followed by Android in the later part of 2020.

What is the benefit of monthly plan?

Different charging networks charge different rates while some even charge session rates and monthly base rates. Recharge simplifies all of this so you never have to do math to figure out how much it will cost to charge your car away from home. We believe in simplifying the experience.

can you share a membership?

At launch each user must have their own membership and login. Our application utilizes Apple's 'Login with Apple' feature to tie to your devices iCloud account, which cannot be shared across families devices easily. We will be adding other sign-in options later, especially for Android. We also plan to offer a Family Plan in the future for households with multiple drivers and/or multiple EVs.

is this only for the united states?

We are launching first in the United States and then will bring our charging solution to the European Union in the Fall of 2020. We have already secured partnerships for 90%+ coverage of DC fast chargers in the European Economic Area.

what cars do you work with?

We work with all battery electric vehicles that support DC fast charging. In the United States, that includes vehicles with CCS, the Tesla connector, and CHAdeMO. In order to utilize the 'minutes to charge' feature, we need to be able to see the data from your vehicle. Most EV's newer than 2012 (with an internet connection) should be compatible but we will publish a specific list closer to launch.

Do you work with tesla cars?

We do! The whole Recharge team loves Tesla vehicles and we are constantly testing with them. You can use the CHAdeMO to Tesla adapter with your vehicle at various EVgo, Greenlots, and Electrify America stations... and remember, we only show you chargers that are compatible. We also support EVgo chargers in San Francisco that have the native Tesla connector, no adapter required!

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