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“EVPassport is a key partner on Millennium Garages’ EV charging program. As the Midwest’s largest public charging hub, Millennium is seeing consistent use of the EVPassport chargers. We look forward to further expansion in the year ahead, including integration of higher-capacity chargers. EVPassport’s Google Maps integration makes the chargers easy to find, and our customers appreciate how simple the chargers are to use"

- Jamie Ponce, Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer


From day one of installation, every EVPassport charger receives over-the-air software updates in the background.

Return on

With the fastest return on investment in the market for managed EV charging infrastructure, keep customers happy and earn a profit.


Ensure a seamless charging experience while allowing guests to discover you in major mapping engines.

Focus on Security

Our internal security and EV charging Clouds undergo 24/7/365 monitoring by a third-party.

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EVPassport maintains and audits our uptime.

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PARCS and Recreation

Whether it is gateless or traditional parking garages, our unique APIs and tailored driver experiences can adapt to your customer journeys.

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