ev charging API's

Establish integrated EV charging experiences alongside the nations most reliable EV charging network provider.

Built on industry standards

Compliance and certification:

Established with openness in mind from day one, EVPassport's Open API platform allow various types of integrations to occur. Whether you want to allow hotel guests to pay for charging on their room bill or create an end-to-end PARCS experience, we're the number one choice.

EVPassport Data APIs are used to integrate real-time discoverability into the dashboards of various automakers.

data apis

Bring real-time EVSE data into your apps and services.


Our REST APIs allow real-time data to be displayed across mapping engines.

Transaction data

Pull EVPassport transaction data in real-time to your applications and platforms.

CPO as a Service

EVPassport provides APIs to control secure EV charging hardware connected to our backend. We take care of the heavy lifting so you can build an end-to-end experience that fits your unique requirements. Some of the abilities of our APIs include, but are not limited to:

API Docs

Network management

Use our EV Charging hardware to run your network.

Transaction data

Get real-time CPO data directly into your eMSP.

Start/stop charging

Start charging sessions in a snap, end them, get final CDRs.

Pricing Options

Create custom pricing schemes to integrate with your business operations.

Power management

EVPassport's CPO features dynamic load balancing with machine learning.

Demand Response

OpenADR certified so you are always ready for power disruptions during grid events.


Secure end-to-end so you don't have to worry about blunt force attacks.


We publish CPO updates multiple times a month.

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