Hospitality and Entertainment

Hospitality and Entertainment

Make your hotel the property
of choice for ev drivers.


Drivers receive approximately 30 miles per hour of charge, perfect for hotels

“We have always been proud of setting ourselves apart, and that's why choosing EVPassport was a no-brainer. Their no-nonsense, customer-driven approach to EV charging has lowered the barrier to entry for guests and staff alike. EVPassport has set the bar for the EV charging experience and theircustomer service is exceptional!"

- Tosha Ward, General Manager


From day one of installation, every EVPassport charger receives over-the-air software updates in the background.

Return on

With the fastest return on investment in the market for managed EV charging software and infrastructure, keep guests happy and hoteliers earning a profit.


Ensure a seamless charging experience while allowing guests to discover you in major mapping engines.

Scan QR Code

No apps or accounts required for drivers. Allow your customers to easily drive up, scan, and pay.

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International Visitors Welcome

Whether it is guests from Canada or Spain, we support 140 countries devices to easily pay and charge. No app requirement means no App Store restrictions.

hotel cloud is built
for Your Hoteliers

Your Guest Journey

What differentiates EVPassport chargers from the competition is this experience is all about you, not us.

Driver Experience

Your brand goes front and center, from the driver experience to the email receipt each user receives.

Clear Messaging

Every bit of messaging, from the email receipt subject line to the signature, displays your hotel brand.

Integrations Built-In

Automatically alert drivers as to the status of their EV charging session and any overstay information.


Leverage your existing Point of Sale system to allow drivers to put EV charging session transactions directly onto their room bill.**

Reserve Ahead

Allow customers to reserve their EV charging station for the duration of their stay, for an optional fee, when booking the room.**

"Installing EVPassport’s Howard chargers on our property continues our commitment to offering our guests theand services while advancing the sustainability movement."

- Jeffrey Klein, Vice President and Managing Director


Dual 19.2kW EV Chargers allow guests to charge luxury vehicles at up to 70 miles an hour

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