EVPassport is disrupting
the EV Charger Economy

We are a venture backed Public Benefit
Corporation empowering and inspiring the mass
adoption of electric vehicles.

We have offices around the world

Venice, CA
Brooklyn, NY
Vancouver, BC
Barcelona, ES

Ever since our CEO Aaron was late for dinner at Grandma's house, we've been obsessed with building the next generation of EV Charging hardware and software platform for businesses of all sizes and types.


EVPassport is the one-stop shop for all your charging needs.

From charging hardware, and software, to installation, and maintenance too — we’ve got you covered.

For drivers, we’re obsessed with making charging seamless. No more app sign-ups, cards, fobs, or memberships to charge your EV. Drivers simply scan the QR code to access and pay for charging.


Through our open APIs, drivers can find chargers on Google Maps, Apple Maps, all the maps.

We’re also constantly working on new integrations with existing applications and platforms, so that charging can take place where drivers already exist.


No inflated costs
or convoluted leases, ever.

As a public benefit corporation, we have made it our mission to make charging hardware and software affordable for businesses of all types and sizes.

We offer a fast, free, and painless process that ensures complete visibility into your current and future EV charging needs. 

For general inquiries, please email info@evpassport.com

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