Introducing the Lloyd

95kW 208v with Tesla + CCS Connectors

Today, we are proud to introduce the newest DC Fast charger to the EVPassport product lineup, one we affectionately call the Lloyd, not because it’s of Welsh origin, but purely because we love the show the Office. Operating at a peak output of 95kW, it only requires 208v three phase power instead of 480v power for fast chargers. This unique power configuration means for the first time customers can place DC Fast chargers in places that would normally require costly utility upgrades or batteries. 

Reducing the cost of deployment by over 50%, allowing customers to deploy more stations. Don’t be fooled into adopting expensive DC Fast chargers that integrate batteries, which multiply the cost of hardware by up to 3x. 

Featuring dual connectors, we are taking advantage of Tesla’s recent announcement to open up their connector (NACS) and are equipping each Lloyd with a Tesla connector option. No adapters required. The Lloyd is the first DC Fast charger in North America that can natively plug into Tesla vehicles without any adapters or aftermarket conversions. That’s right, we envision a world where Tesla drivers don’t have to wait in long lines especially now that they are sharing the love. Which is why we welcome all drivers to experience the Llyod. 

Lloyd uses the award-winning EVPassport driver experience by not requiring any driver mobile apps or memberships. Drivers simply scan the QR code on the front of the Lloyd EV charger and select a payment method: Apple Pay, Google Pay, or a credit card. In fact, 62% of drivers prefer using a mobile wallet versus a mobile app. Also did we mention that all EVPassport chargers can be discovered through Google Maps or Apple Maps? We love when things are easy.

With 95kW of total peak output, the Lloyd can charge two vehicles simultaneously, allowing drivers to top up quickly across any vertical installed. Perfect for hotels, valet, retail, and mixed-use properties, it fits the needs of today without requiring expensive utility upgrades.