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Introducing Simple EV Charging — for Everyone

Let me tell you a story of why I started EVPassport. Recently, I had decided to drive a BMW i3 from New York City to Hartford to visit my ninety-year-old grandmother.

It was the middle of winter and what should have been a smooth two hour drive turned into a seven hour adventure that highlighted the issues with America’s Electric Vehicle Charging Networks.

I had prepared. I downloaded the ‘apps’. I created the accounts and added funds to multiple providers accounts.

ChargePoint, Electrify America, Blink, Greenlots, and many other networks required me to download their apps, create accounts, top-up balances, and use either apps or key fobs to unlock their chargers.

Multiple layers of hardware and software failures turned this two hour quick drive into a seven hour journey that resulted in me to missing dinner. Needless to say, my grandmother was quite frustrated — there went my ‘favorite grandson’ title.

It was in that moment I promised her I would fix the underlying issues that led to me missing her birthday dinner.

Today, we unveil EVPassport, an incredible solution to the issues I encountered on that fateful day.

The world’s best charging experience: Scan a QR code to pay & go

EVPassport is the easiest to use EV charging network.

  • No apps
  • No accounts
  • No balances to top-up
  • No logins
  • No missed family dinners

If 2020 has taught us anything, it is that contactless QR codes are the best way to interact with systems, so we built an entire EV charging platform around them. To charge, drivers simply scan the QR code and use Apple Pay or Google Pay. We also support typing in your credit card number.

Under 15 seconds from the moment you plug-in your vehicle to a charging session started, guaranteed.

A winner for landlords and property managers of all kinds

What’s more is that we have simplified the process for businesses to purchase and install EV chargers. No more requesting quotes from Joe, John, and Jim. No more $4,000 charging hardware (we’re looking at you ChargePoint, SemaConnect, and Blink Charging).

First Electric Vehicle Charging Network API

Are you a developer? We want to empower new ideas. We are providing completely free APIs for location information, real-time availability, and even payment processing.

No other charging network has open APIs and we are excited to see what developers build!

We hope you enjoy what the entire EVPassport team has built. If you ever find yourself in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, shoot us a message to come see the office and charge up your electric vehicle. We’re also hiring, so please take a look at our Jobs page.


Aaron & the EVPassport team