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Fast Company selects EVPassport as World Changing Idea 2022

EVPassport is proud to be honored as one of the finalists for Fast Company's World Changing Ideas 2022. We believe, as a company, that open access should be at the core of the future of electric vehicle charging infrastructure and that starts with the platform that site hosts use to manage and operate their EV chargers. Gone are the days of forcing drivers to download mobile applications, create accounts, top up balances, and more just to fill an electric car... at least on EVPassport.

As the world reopens after COVID, allowing individuals to easily discover, access, and pay for electric vehicle charging is more critical than ever. Whether it is at work, at an apartment building, a weekend at a hotel, or on a roadtrip, easy EV charging is the right thing to do. We will continue to innovate on behalf of our customers and drivers worldwide in 2022 and beyond!

If you need EV charging for your business, please reach out to: