EVPassport Unveils 5G-Powered EV Charger for Large EV Fleets

Today, EVPassport unveiled our EV charging and edge computing platform powered by Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network. In May, EVPassport was chosen to participate in Newlab’s 5G Studio, created by Newlab and Verizon. EVPassport installed three Level 2 chargers at Newlab in the Brooklyn Navy Yard to demonstrate our ability to provide the fastest, simplest and most reliable charging solutions for EV fleets.

Participating in the 5G Studio, a Collaboration between Newlab and Verizon, allowed EVPassport to test next-generation technology in a real-world scenarios. The EVPassport team even brought in one of New York City's only Yellow Tesla Taxicabs to pilot the technology.

The powerful combination of Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network and mobile edge compute allowed EVPassport to reduce latency in charging sessions by more than 50% and orchestrate chargers in real-time to rebalance load based on EV charging levels -- enabling the ability to automatically prioritize power to vehicles with lower charges. Combining 5G technology with EVPassport’s seamless charging experience, large EV fleets and consumer-facing brands can now deliver faster and more reliable power to their drivers.

“We have had EVPassport chargers on our properties since the company launched its open platform concept,” said Newlab CEO, Shaun Stewart. “The new 5G chargers allow us to install additional EV chargers without increasing power resources. I can’t wait to see what EVPassport does next to raise the bar even higher for how EV charging should work.

For electric vehicles to truly achieve mass adoption, charging latency must be minimized. In other words, the charging process must be an easier, faster and friendlier experience. This fact is even more poignant for large EV fleets. A sluggish charging system can constipate the critical movement of these vehicles in their workday.

EVPassport continues to innovate with connectivity to reduce latency and improve the user experience. We are proud to take this next step together with Newlab and Verizon!