Parking Operators

EVPassport can turn your parking lot into a charging lot, driving added revenue and helping you attract more visitors


"— Of the electricity demand for EV charging is private, whether at home or in company parking lots. Over time, however, the proportion of public charging activity—at service stations, public parking spaces, and retailers’ parking lots—will balloon" — Boston Consulting Group

EV Chargers driving property value.


Of respondents to a recent
AMLI survey said they will pay more to live in a “green or sustainable community”.

Our hardware innovation
is your cost savings.

Whether on a stand or mounted, our charging units are marvels of reimagined design, quality materials, and manufacturing cost efficiency.

Complete the experience by customizing each charger to match your property branding with full vinyl wraps impervious to the elements.

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A charging experience that will enrich your tenants.

EVPassport’s driver payment process delivers a frictionless and integrated experience centered around your tenants.

Drivers simply scan the QR code on the charger to access and pay.
That’s it. No more hassling with credit cards, fobs, or clunky apps.

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Payment Methods

It can be more than just a corporate campus, it will be an EV hub.

Allow your tenants to discover, access, and pay through existing apps and services they utilize.

Open APIs

Our open APIs seamlessly integrate with your existing applications and platforms, to become an extension of your parking operations experience.

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Charging management software on autopilot.

With the EVPassport Cloud Platform you can set charging prices, manage access, get the details on energy usage, earnings history, carbon offset, and more.

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Lead with charging on your property.

Any Vehicle.

Whether the vehicle charging is a Tesla, or any of the EV models available in North America, our charging stations support them all.

UL/cUL Approved.

All hardware we sell meets the strongest requirements of North America’s leading safety standards organizations.

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From installation to operation and beyond, your dedicated Customer Success Manager ensures a seamless and hassle-free experience for you.

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The EVP Partner

Your property may qualify for the EVP Partner Program with substantially reduced hardware and software costs, enhanced revenue participation, and no-cost pilot deployments.

The EVP Partner Program
is limited.

Please inquire ASAP for
enrollment details.

We offer a fast, free, and painless process that ensures complete visibility into your current and future EV charging needs. 

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